“A Successful Collection of Failures”


One of the main themes of this book was to give "each reader at least a few more laughs than they might have had without it." We sincerely hope that you can count yourself among those who have truly enjoyed reading “Life's Lessons: A Successful Collection of Failures”. But don't take our word for it...check this out!

“Funny and Charming... The Fearnleys sweetly capture the wacky side of family life in an entertaining read”
—USA Today bestselling author, Karyn Monk

“Humorous stories that brought back many fond memories of my youth.”
—Wes Jarvis, Retired NHL Hockey Player

“Hilarious, touching and emotional. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a few days. I wanted to read more and recommended this book to my family and friends.”
—Catherine Skinner, Conformity Services Assistant, CSA International

“Informative and entertaining, I could see something of myself in several of these family episodes. Great fun to read.”
—Bob Ballantyne, Retired International Consultant, Canadian Pacific Railway

“This road map to family life includes all the happy disasters and fortunate detours that eventually lead us back home.”
—Serafin LaRiviere, Journalist and Musician

“Extremely funny...without a single lecture or a word of preaching this book is filled with insightful lessons that people of all ages will enjoy.”
—Phil Demetro, Mastering Engineer, The Lacquer Channel

“These treasured tales are humorous lessons that have relevance to readers of all ages and point to the preciousness of family life.”
—Dr. Susan Joyce

“A hilarious book about Canadian family life, with wonderful life lessons after each story. We need more books like this. ”
—Carol Fraser, Historian

“I laughed out loud many times and, like any good book, it left me wanting more. It is a rainy day pick-me-up book for sure.”
—Lesly Taylor, Badge #88417 Toronto Police Service

“It has been more than entertaining to read about the Fearnley family. Each story gave me a certain warmth. Some reminded me of my childhood...stimulating fond memories of growing up and recognizing that life truly is a series of lessons.”
—Gord Wilson, President, Wilson Niblett Motors Limited, Canada's #1 Corvette Dealer

“Humorous and touching, especially since I raised my children in poverty, in Toronto, during the time Ted was a boy.”
—Meryl DeValadares, Retired Archivist

“Very funny, this book is truly a work of art. The combination of nostalgia, humour, and struggles so poignantly related, leaves the reader wanting more.”
—Rena Michaels, Communications Operator, Toronto Police Service

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