“A Successful Collection of Failures”

Book Launch Review

Many thanks are extended to all of those who attended the Public Signing and the official Book Launch on Monday November 10th, 2008 at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. For some fun pictures of these events, see below.

For fun, check out what Toronto mayor David Miller is doing during his retirement.

01-Book Launch-Nov10-08 020.jpg

01-Book Launch-Nov10-08 052.jpg

02-Book Launch-Nov10-08 008.jpg

03-Book Launch-Nov10-08 009.jpg

04-Book Launch-Nov10-08 002.jpg

05-Book Launch-Nov10-08 013.jpg

06-Book Launch-Nov10-08 022.jpg

07-Book Launch-Nov10-08 016.jpg

08-Book Launch-Nov10-08 010.jpg

09-Book Launch-Nov10-08 007.jpg

10-Book Launch-Nov10-08 001.jpg

10-Book Launch-Nov10-08 043.jpg

11-Book Launch-Nov10-08 003.jpg

12-Book Launch-Nov10-08 012.jpg

13-Book Launch-Nov10-08 011.jpg

14-Book Launch-Nov10-08 039.jpg

17-Book Launch-Nov10-08 004.jpg

18-Book Launch-Nov10-08 025.jpg

19-Book Launch-Nov10-08 026.jpg

20-Book Launch-Nov10-08 029.jpg

21-Book Launch-Nov10-08 038.jpg

22-Book Launch-Nov10-08 031.jpg

23-Book Launch-Nov10-08 028.jpg

24-Book Launch-Nov10-08 034.jpg

25-Book Launch-Nov10-08 015.jpg

25-Book Launch-Nov10-08 041.jpg

26-Book Launch-Nov10-08 014.jpg

27-Book Launch-Nov10-08 035.jpg

28-Book Launch-Nov10-08 027.jpg

40-Book Launch-Nov10-08 040.jpg

41-Book Launch-Nov10-08 044.jpg

42-Book Launch-Nov10-08 045.jpg

43-Book Launch-Nov10-08 046.jpg

44-Book Launch-Nov10-08 055.jpg

46-Book Launch-Nov10-08 050.jpg

48-Book Launch-Nov10-08 056.jpg

50-Book Launch-Nov10-08 057.jpg

52-Book Launch-Nov10-08 047.jpg

78-Book Launch-Nov10-08 058.jpg

79-Book Launch-Nov10-08 021.jpg

80-David Miller enjoys receiving his copy.jpg

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